Care Guides

Dust it off
Start by brushing your shoes with a clean horsehair polishing brush to remove dust particles and further clean your shoes with a damp cotton cloth. Be careful not to wet the shoes in this process.

Deep Clean
This process should be carried two to three times a year, and removes all layers of old polish as well as silicone or resin deposits, exposing camino71's original leather.
Using a cotton cloth in circular motions, apply gentle cleaner for the smooth leather, around the shoe, until you see the leather clearing up. Two to three passes should be enough to clean all the undesired layers. Remove any excess of the cleaner with a cloth, and allow the shoes to fully dry (5-10 minutes), before proceeding to the next step.

Regular Clean
On a regular basis, for a gentle clean that does not require old layers of polish to be removed, we recommend Saphir Creme Universelle. This natural Jojoba oil and beeswax balm formula gently cleans and conditions, while also protecting the leather from future harm.
Apply with Chamois Cotton Cloth in circular motions, and allow the shoes to fully dry.

After cleaning your shoes, it is important to rehydrate them. We recommend using a non-greasy cream based on f.e. beewax, link oil and lanolin. Apply with a clean cotton cloth in circular motions, allow the shoes to fully absorb the product, and finally brush gently with a shine brush to remove any excess cream.
camino 71 shoes' smooth leathers are fully dyed (not top coated), full grain anilines, that maintain their color over time. After proper cleaning and nourishment, their original color will come back to life. This is why we recommend neutral color nourishing creams only.

After cleaning and nourishing your shoes, make sure you add a layer of polish and protection. We recommend an all around polishing cream based on f.e.7 waxes and shea butter oil. Apply in circular motions, just like you’ve done before, and let your shoes dry, before brushing them with a shine brush.

Mirror Finish
For a mirror like and more durable finish, please use a paste composed of f.e. turpentine, beeswax, carnuba wax and 6 other waxes. Follow the application process described above.
Dust it off
Start by brushing your shoes with a clean horsehair polishing brush to remove dust particles.

Stain Removal
To erase dried up stains, water marks and soiling from your suede camino71's we recommend to rub the suede, applying a gentle pressure and then clean the excess residue with a horsehair shine brush.

Deep Wash
To completely wash your shoes, mix a bottle cap amount of a gentle cleaner with a cup of water. Using a small brush, apply the mixture around the shoe, and with small circular movements wash out any dirt and sand. Gently, rinse off excess shampoo with water and let the shoes naturally dry.

Restore & Protect
Once your shoes are completely dry and clean, restore the suede natural look by combing the nap of the suede with a crêpe brush.

Finally, we recommend a spray to infuse your suede shoes. This will waterproof and protect the suede against dirt and rain. Let the suede absorb the spray for about five minutes.