About Us

camino 71 was founded in 2018 by Dirk Medebach. El camino means the way in Spanish. The way everyone goes in his shoes. Part of the vision of camino 71 is to create handmade shoes with a modern design that are made of high quality materials and age beautifully over time. We create sneakers for the urban lifestyle and everyday use. Perfect, timeless footwear for all occasions.

camino 71 shoes are made in the northern region of Portugal as well as in the region of Alicante / Spain, which are known for their family-owned factories for the production of shoes in several generations. We source locally and responsibly and adhere to a strict ethical code to ensure that our raw materials are less polluting and that the people who work with us are treated fairly and ethically. To ensure this, we personally select all our suppliers and visit their facilities regularly.


We are perfectionists and test and manufacture our products down to the last detail. We like the simplicity and believe that a minimalist and clear design emphasizes the high quality materials. We want to create an authentic lifestyle experience. camino 71 stands for transparency, sustainability and handmade in love.


Due to the combination of flexibility and longevity, we mainly use full-grain leather, which is the highest quality and the most valuable part of the skin. Full grain leather has natural badges that give character and age over time, just like people do.